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At Staff Tech, we recognize that a career decision is not one to be taken lightly. By working with our recruiters, you can feel confident that we have built our reputation on placing the right candidates with the right companies.

Staff Tech's executive recruiters work directly with the hiring authority. This allows your resume to be on the top of the stack and will often make you one of the finalists.

Recruiters can also give you a behind-the-scenes perspective on a company to have accurate knowledge of where a company has been and where it is going.

A good recruiter is a lifelong professional ally. By maintaining contact with us, we can refer you and friends to career-changing opportunities.

We have a process focused on preparation. We know the job, the decision makers in the search project, the culture of the organization and the reputation the company has in the marketplace.

We leverage our understanding to prepare and coach our candidates throughout the interview process. Our process is geared to ensure that from beginning to end, surprises are kept to the absolute minimum.

We are better than just using Internet job boards because our relationships involve people working with people. We do not rely on technology to "match" a person's interest, motivations and goals to a position. Our trained, experienced professionals make informed decisions based on an understanding of your needs.

Staff Tech's policy of confidentiality is to contact prospective candidates before sending resumes to interested employers. Your information will always remain confidential with us.

A good recruiter is a professional networker; so if you are reluctant or too busy to test the job market, our recruiters can put you in touch with "hidden" opportunities. We have built strong relationships with our clients and most of the jobs that we recruit for are not posted or advertised.

We specialize in sales. We know the marketplace and can let you know where your background fits best. At Staff Tech, we believe that our candidates should have an accurate picture of a company before you make a career decision. We choose the right clients to work with to ensure that when you make your next career move, you're making a smart one.