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Benefits of a Recruiter

SPEED - A good recruiter can usually save a company time in finding candidates. Usually a search firm will already have candidates available and will not be starting the search process from scratch. Taking a long time to do a search could cause a company to lose profit opportunities or competitive advantages as a result of having a key position unfilled.

CONFIDENTIALITY - Using a recruiter eliminates the need to advertise and alert the competition of a current weakness or void within the company. The potential for anxiety and apprehension among current employees will be eliminated because they will not be aware of the company's recruiting process.

REALITY CHECK - Before beginning a search, the recruiter will advise the company if the salary being offered is too low to attract good candidates. A good recruiter can also advise a client if the job specs are unrealistic, thus saving the company time in the recruiting process.

BETTER CANDIDATES - Most companies can expect better candidates from a recruiter than they can find on their own. Typically a recruiter will go through hundreds of possibilities before selecting a "short list" of candidates. It is highly unlikely that a recruiter will be starting from scratch in recruiting for your opening. Usually the recruiter will have a huge database, built up over time on many searches for the same type of job. In-house recruiters usually don't have the resources that a professional third party recruiter has. Just as there is a hidden job market, there is also a hidden applicant market, to which a professional recruiter has access.

Our Steps Our Process
Candidate SourcingTargeting and identifying appropriate candidates quickly
Candidate DevelopmentConducting telephone/face to face interviews discussing the position and conducting a thorough interview
Candidate PresentationProviding clients with a summary overview of a candidate’s background and career history
Candidate InterviewsCoordinating client/candidate discussions and meetings
Post Interview Follow upProviding feedback, assistance in negotiating offers and gaining closure

At Staff Tech, our goal is to link the appropriate candidate with the right talents to a client’s business strategy and needs. As a result, we are very selective in our candidate presentation and take great pride in presenting clients with only candidates appropriate for their staffing solution.

We also pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity in maintaining the appropriate level of confidentiality and trust for both candidates and clients during the recruitment process